Alcohol Ink Class Registration

I will bring everything you and your friends need to have a great time creating and having fun with alcohol ink!  Gather a minimum of 5-6 people (max of 12), decide where to meet and enjoy having your painting party in a relaxed and comfortable space. I will bring you all that's needed except the chairs (no way to pack them in the car!!). Classes will be approximately 2.5 to 3 hours depending on the size of the class.

Class is $55.00 per person and includes:


All Supplies

Finished piece – Set of 4 - 4in x 4in coasters to take home at the end of class. Additional tile sizes available below.

It takes about 2.5-3 hours to complete.

Tile Size Options: 

Choose one of the following

-- 3” x 6” Rectangle tile – 4 tiles in place of the coasters but cost of class is $60.00 .

-- 3” x 12” Rectangle tile – 1 tile in place of the 4 coaster tiles

-- 2 - 3” x12” class is $60.00

-- 8” x 8” Square tile – 1 tile in place of the 4 coaster tiles

Tile sizes for alcohol ink classes

Additional Options

Finishing Options:

A spray finish will seal your piece allowing it to be taken home at the end of class.

A more durable finish includes high gloss epoxy, copper tape, felt backing & hanger (if hanging)

$3.00 each for the 4” x 4” tiles

$3.00 each for the 3” x 6” tiles

$4.00 each for the 3” x 12” tiles

$5.50 each for the 8” x 8” tile

Alcohol Ink Tile Finish Choices

Vinyl Decals: White – but can be painted with the ink

$1.50 ea - For 4”x 4” tiles   Choices: Love, Live, Laugh, Music Note, Joy, Peace, Turtles, Butterfly, Starfish, misc.

Examples of decal choices

Custom cut decals $3.00  -  Let me know prior to the class what you want it to say or be.


$2.00 ea - Fits 3”x 6” tiles

Choices: Love, Live, Laugh, Sisters, I love you, I love you more

Custom cut decals $5.00 - Let me know prior to the class what you want it to say.


$5.00 ea – Fits 3” x 12” tiles

Choices: Ocean Isle Beach, Sunset Beach, You Are My Sunshine, Welcome

Custom cut decals $8.00


$8.00 ea – Fits 8”x 8” tile and is only custom cut.

Small white Easel for displaying artwork $3.00 each -**won’t hold the weight of the 8”x 8” tile**

Alcohol Ink Painted Vertical 3" x 6" Sign Tile with easel


**I will take payment for the finishing and other options at the end of the class and take the tiles to be finished, usually within a week.  I will call/text to let you know when they are ready for pick up/drop off.**



**Tile sizes change over time and without notice at both Lowe’s & Home Depot with the exception of the 4” x 4” coaster tiles. So, when inquiring or booking a class please let me know if you want to do a size other the 4” x 4” and whether you want to add decals.